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ActivMarks Smart Web Solutions offers search engine optimization services, social media account management and mobile site design & website re-engineering services.

Let us use our expertise to help you increase targeted traffic to your websites that will result in fast business growth.

Is your site optimized for Mobile Devices? Having a mobile responsive website design is no longer optional in 2015. The major search engines have emphasized the importance of mobile optimal design in the ranking of websites in the future.

Mobilegeddon is upon us

Does your site meet the Mobile-Friendly test?

Mobile readiness has become a critical issue in search engine positioning. Our Mobilegeddon service involves a redesign of your site's main pages. These (5 to 7) pages are the ones most visitors are likely to be searching for and looking at on mobile devices, and the ones Google will want to index for your type of site.

A mobile site is imperative for certain types of businesses, particularly restaurants, entertainment related sites and retail stores. These sites usually get many (perhaps most) of their visitors through mobile devices. If your site is NOT mobile optimal, Google will not give it preference in their mobile search listings. That traffic will go to your competitors who have mobile-friendly web sites.

Price : $ 247

Youtube Channel Design Service

Many business owners don't realize that YouTube is the second largest Internet search engine. In addition to people searching for cute cat videos or entertainment videos, potential customers search YouTube regularly for how-to tutorials, company advertisements, product demonstrations and informative product reviews. Uploading your YouTube-hosted company videos is one of the best ways to introduce, promote and enhance your brand. Many prospects who are attracted to your service will become subscribers to your channel, and natural ambassadors for your brand. Strong brands can quickly leverage video media to dispatch profitable, viral content. There are enormous opportunities for brands with significant YouTube audiences. The ActivMarks Group creates custom YouTube Channel designs that integrate with your existing website and company brand identity.

Price : $ 97

Twitter Page Design Service

In practical terms, you can look at a company Twitter presence almost as a live, broadcast news station in which the company is able to provide constant updates on items of interest to its listeners. Twitter is one of the primary tools companies use to share immediate informational updates in this Internet age. A company's Twitter page represents a snapshot of its social media presence, so it needs to be taken seriously. Of course, standing out from millions of other Twitter users can be important for many types of businesses and quite challenging for the majority of account holders. By taking advantage of Twitter’s many customization features, we have learned to craft pages that guarantee that your Twitter account promotes your business image in the best possible way. Let our Twitter page design team help you engage more prospects.

Price : $ 97

Facebook Fanpage Design and Setup

Facebook provides several tools for maximizing the effect of your pages' presence. Special Facebook pages for business, also known as Fan Pages, can be valuable tools for communicating with customers and prospects. We follow several fundamental recommendations on Fan page setup to be able to promote pages with maximum effect. For example, Facebook accounts having Fan Pages with more than 5,000 likes can engage in demographic targeting of fans. Our Fan Page Design Team also has a service to update page themes based on seasonal events and promotional offers.

Price : $ 97

YouTube, Facebook & Twitter Page Package

The YTF COMBO package is for the above three social media channel design services. If your business is in need of a professional appearance across these social media properties, select this discounted package and allow us to design and setup your company's custom Facebook Fanpage, Twitter Page and YouTube Channel.

Price : $ 247

Google and Bing Ranking Reports

Know where your site is positioned on the search engines for your most valuable keywords!

Order a one-time snapshot of where your website ranks today in both Google and Bing. This service will show you where your site (or a competitor's site) ranks in each of these search engines for one domain, and as many as ten (10) keywords of your choice. Report will be emailed within 24 hours during the work week.

If you're not really interested in your site's position on Bing, click the button below to purchase a Google-Only Search Position Report for just $5.95.

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Price : $ 9.97